This documentation is about Ğ1v2, the Ğ1 network running on Duniter v2 with data coming from Ğ1v1 network.

Ğ1 is the first free or libre currency in the sense of RTM. It is powered by Duniter software. Anyone is free to use the ğ1, all they have to do is create an account on a wallet such as Cesium or Ğecko and start exchanging. To create ğ1s, you need to join the web of trust, a decentralized identity system ensuring everyone creates an equal share of currency. To do this, you have to read the Ğ1 Licence and commit to abide by it with five june creator members.

You can find technical information on using the Ğ1 here. For monetary and societal aspects, please refer to the website.