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Ğ1 License

** /!\ The use of currency Ğ1 implies the acceptance of its license, a copy of which is given below. **

Read the Ğ1 license (text format)

Once the license is received, read and accepted, the process to become a member of the Ğ1 WoT goes through the creation of an ID (your identifier / nicname) and a pair (private key / public key) if possible in a secure way. The public key becomes an account number that can only be used by the person who owns the private key, which is constructed by another pair (passphrase / password) = private key, which must be carefully kept for oneself.

The most effective to achieve this is to use one of Duniter Ğ1 official clients:

For security reasons it will be better to generate your key pair by being offline and it is advisable never to enter your member private key (which is the source of your Universal Dividend Ğ1) on a connected application or an external website (Cesium which appears in the form of web pages can perfectly be installed and used on your own PC, it is also natively embedded with the Duniter server for this purpose, thus offering a 100% client / server application).

Once you create your key pair, you must generate a revocation Duniter document, which ensures that you can cancel your account in the event of a future problem that you will need to keep in a safe place.

Then you generate a Duniter application document to become a member, which must be certified by people who know you well enough (see the license of currency Ğ1 in this regard) and who are already members of the Ğ1 WoT. It is therefore more efficient to ensure that at least 5 members of the Ğ1 WoT know you well enough and will thus agree to certify your public key before starting the registration process.

It will take 5 certifications to be registered in Ğ1 blockchain. However, due to time rules (1 signature per person every 5 days) and calculation (block calculations by the Duniter network Ğ1), this final operation may take some time (several days or even weeks depending on the case). If your operation is not validated after 2 months it will have to be restarted.

Note: Duniter allows you to generate as many non-member accounts as you want. A management tips is therefore to make small transfers on these accounts (or wallets), having their own private key, which will limit the risks of use to the quantity of money Ğ1 that will be there. You will be able to use this wallet on online applications you trust while limiting the risks associated with the connection.

Following your registration

Once the registration process started, you can follow its processing through 2 tools:

The combination of these 2 tools is enough to know if your registration pack is complete and valid, as well as knowing the probable date of your joining in the web of trust of the currency.

Note that only complete registration packs are listed by WotWizard.