Duniter v2πŸ”—

Duniter v2 is a rewrite of Duniter v1 in the substrate framework with the goal of migrating the Ğ1 currency. It is now under development and needs testing. You will find here user documentation extracted from Duniter git repository as well as general explanation.

In this section you will find everything needed to start contributing to the network. If you feel like there is something missing, please ask on the forum support section, this helps improving the tutorials and is by itself a valuable contribution!

Run a mirror nodeπŸ”—

A mirror node is a node the user connects to through the RPC API. Running a Duniter mirror node is useful for the network's redundancy, it allows to share the load between different servers and increase resilience to failures. This is also a good practice step before forging blocks.

A mirror node in archive mode is needed to run an indexer.

Start forging blocksπŸ”—

In Duniter vocabulary "smith" means someone allowed to add blocks to the blockchain. Contrary to Duniter v1, smith is mainly a technical role, the goverance being done on chain. The competences needed to become smith are less technical than human. A smith should:

Here are the steps to become smith:

  1. run a smith node (a node enabled to forge blocks)
  2. become smith (be member of the smith web of trust)
  3. run a distance oracle (compute distance rule)


Whether you contribute to an existing end client like Ğcli or an Indexer or create a new client from scratch, you might be interested to read:

Don't hesitate to reach up in the "clients" forum section https://forum.duniter.org/c/clients/16.