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Report a bug

You may be able to detect a bug on one of Duniter's applications! If so, please write a bug report, as explained below.

About GitLab

This is the preferred method. Really, we prefer this one: this is our official list of bugs.

If you are registered on our GitLab instance, simply go on the good repositories:

Then put a title, and a description about the encountered error:

Screenshot of a new github issue

/!\ Do not forget to validate by clicking the "Submit new issue" button!

On the forum

If you're really struggling to create a ticket on GitLab (it's a good opportunity to learn!), You can also create a topic on our forum:

Screenshot of a new topic on the forum

Pleas, make sure you to:

Then, validate. Someone should answer you, then we will register your problem on GitLab. Thanks for reporting your issue, that’s the most important!