This page is an improved copy of the FAQ section Getting involved.

How may I help?

You can help on project developement in many ways, depending on your available time, energy and skills. Please read the requirements and possibilities below. If you feel comfortable with one these profiles, do not hesitate to contact us on the forum.

As a backend developer

You may participate in Duniter server's development, which is the core software implementing UCP. You will need some technical skills:

If you are not affraid of those technologies, you can both start reading the Wiki to Dive into Duniter code and contact us on duniter forum.

As a designer/frontend developer

See this beautiful website? You want to improve it with new content, new design? Feel free to propose your skills, any help is welcome. What Duniter probably needs the most is: a logo.

As a mathematician

Duniter's protocol will use Graph Theory properties to build a Web of Trust of unique & living individuals. Even if Duniter's team is made up of engineers/PhDs, Graph Theory is not something easy and we probably need experts in that domain. So, if Graph Theory is your every day life, do not hesitate to come to us!

As a preacher

Well, here, you do not need us to do the job: speak about Duniter, make articles, share links, knowledge, experiences, whatever! No need to ask, simply do it!