Enhance the website

This site is like free software: all its source code is available and can be modified.

You will find on each page in the sidebar a button "Edit page on GitHub" or "Edit article on GitHub". It looks like this:

The new edit button

By clicking on it, you will be redirected on the GitHub website which hosts the source code of the site. You can modify it.

Requires a GitHub account

However, after clicking this button, you will quickly notice that GitHub requires you to open an account to go further. This may put you off, but you'll only need to create this account once to modify all the pages on our site (and even other sites that offer this feature).

This function allows anyone to correct a typo, a bad turn of phrase, or even to propose new contents without waiting!

Is subject to moderation

Of course, you can not modify the site without control on our part. But know that thanks to GitHub, we can very quickly answer your proposal : we just click a button, and hop! Your changes will appear within seconds.

Create a new page, a new article

Writing new content is a little more difficult, since you have to create one or more new files.

We will detail this a little later. But if you already feel comfortable with GitHub, add an article on this blog is simply adding a file in the content/ directory for an article (for example 2017-04-28-article-du-28-avril), or a file in the content/pages/ directory or one of its subdirectories according to the category concerned, to write its content by taking inspiration from other existing articles to finally send a pull request via the dedicated button on GitHub.

On our side, validation is always a simple button.