The goal of this wiki is to guide the reader in the Duniter software ecosystem. You will find keys for a global understanding and software user documentation (the developer documentation can be read directly in the different projects repository).

Duniter software

Duniter software is the core of Duniter ecosystem. It is a custom blockchain implementation intended to run both on server and desktop.

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Libre Money

Libre money is the monetary theory behind Duniter. It defines the concept of Universal Dividend (UD).

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Ğ1 currency

Ğ1 currency is the production network currently running on Duniter v1.

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Web of trust

The web of trust is a decentralised identity system implemented in Duniter.

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Duniter software (v2)

Duniter is being currently rewritten in the substrate framework.

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Ğ1 currency (v2)

Ğ1v2 is the continuity of Ğ1 network, based on Duniter v2 software.

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