We list here the people who have made a technical contribution to the project. To appear here, please complete the dedicated page on the forum, or make a PR on the site repository.

Cédric Moreau

author of Duniter v1 and contributor to Duniter v2

Benoit Lavenier

Cesium and Ğchange developer


developer of Silkaj and DuniterPy

Millicent Billette

JavaScript developer, author of Ğ1lib

Vincent Texier

developpeur of DuniterPy and Tikka

Pierre-Jean Chancellier

developer of WotwizardUI

Gérard Meunier

WotWizard developer

Pascal Engélibert

developer worldwotmap and contributor to Duniter v2

Étienne Bouché

developer of Ğecko and contributor to duniter-squid

Hugo Trentesaux

maintainer of website and contributor on Duniter v2

Emmanuel Salomon

developer of website and its map


developer of Ğ1superbot


developer of Ğ1nkgo


contributor to Cesium v2

Benjamin Gallois

developer on Duniter v2


adminsys/devops for Duniter infra

Gilles Filippini

docker expert, simplifies life of all


initial developer of Duniter v2