Software ecosystem


The ─×1 blockchain is powered by Duniter. Before in Node.js, a progressive migration to Rust has been engaged.


Based on AngularJS and Ionic frameworks, Cesium is a web client also available on smartphone.


Command line client developed using Python, Silkaj allows to automate complex tasks.


This is the most used marketplace. ─×change uses Datapods and a Ionic interface.


Developed in Go and offering a GraphQL API, WotWizard provides information on the history of the web of trust as well as predictions on the entries.


The Datapods are an off-blockchain data layer based on ElasticSearch which is used by client apps like Cesium and ─×change.


Flutter app based on Duniter 1.9 GVA API allowing to perform fast payments.


─×1superbot is a chatbot wallet based on Django and compatible with Matrix and Telegram.

Under development


Duniter-v2s is the version 2 of Duniter completely re-written on Substrate blockchain framework.


─×cli-v2 is a command line client written in Rust with subxt.


Duniter-squid is an indexer written in Typescript within the squid framework.

Cesium v2

Based on AngularJS and Ionic frameworks, Cesium v2 is a web client also available on smartphone.


The Flutter framework allows the transaction-oriented ─×ecko mobile app to reach top performances. Wallets are managed using Rust bindings and data travel through GVA and Datapods.


Tikka is a business-oriented desktop client under development.



A Python library currently used by Silkaj, DuniterPy allows to simply browse blockchain.


JavaScript library allowing to handle cryptographic keys, ─č1lib is used by ─×sper and ─×1-companion.


Durt is the common library which will facilitate your creation of ─×1 libre currency client in Dart/Flutter, or any other cryptocurrency generated by Duniter.

Many utilities


─×annonce is a marketplace for participatory funding. It is a Duniter node plugin that uses transaction comments to update the funding bar.


Remuniter is a common fund for automatically compensate people who add block to the blockchain.

Funding bar

The funding bar allows a progress bar to be integrated into a website via a <iframe/> in order to monitor the progress of crowdfunding.


─×sper allows you to try to recover a lost password by brute force.


Dex is a Duniter database explorer.


─×mixer is an ─×1 wallet anonymizer (not to be confused with ─×Mix).


─×cli is a command line GVA client written in Rust.


dup-tools is a blockchain document validator written in Rust and Js.


VanityGen allows you to create a public key containing a certain scheme.


La WotMap is a software for visualizing the web of trust as a graph.


Animwotmap generates an animated visualisation of the history of the web of trust.


WorlWotmap Geographic web of trust.


─×1Cotis allows a percentage of transactions to be automatically transferred to a target account.


─×1Pourboire allows you to print access codes to a dedicated wallet that can be used to leave a tip.


─×SMS is an SMS payment system that facilitates access to money for the less tech-savvy.


─×1Billet allows you to print your own money, with QR codes and scratch-off notes.


─×1Tag is an encrypted IPFS capsule that stores the amount in ߪá1 (ZEN) cents spent at its creation


ăŽ1Lien defines the syntax of urls dedicated to the ăŽ1, such as g1://pay:100:to:1000i100.

─×1 monit

─č1-monit is a duniter module for generating various statistics on the libre currency ─×1.


─×akpot is a developing kitty manager.


Little tools is a set of small python tools for the Duniter environment.


Jaklis is a command line client written in python for Cesium+ and ─×change datapods.


─×1LibreBot is a chatbot available on Telegram, Messenger, RocketChat, ...

─×1 stats

ăŽ1 stats is a bash utility for analysing transactions.


Dunixir is a school project by ITM Atlantic students to implement Duniter in Elixir.


─×explore is a 3D web of trust explorer (forum).

WotWizard UI

WotWizard UI is an ergonomic UI for WotWizard (forum).


Vi─×nette is a QR code generator that makes it easy to share your public key.


Kazou is a tool to observe the Duniter network and find a node in good condition.


─×inspecte is a panel for monitoring instances of different software.


Browser extension to manage keys. It expose and API allowing any website to provide ăŽ1 related features.