Libre Money, a technical or social concept?

Libre Money is a theoretical concept with many human implications. On this website you will find a description from a rather technical point of view. For an intuitive understanding of Libre Money, please visit the Libre Money website! website (fr)

Value measurement tool

Among its many functions, money can be used to measure the economic values exchanged. The sale price can thus be seen as a measure of the values estimated by both parties.

In his lecture at the MFRB summer university, Stéphane Laborde explains how the relative theory of money offers a much better standard of value measurement than existing currencies.

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DU = c × M/N dt

Egalitarian money creation

Far from being neutral for the economy, money plays a crucial role, especially at the time of its creation. In a free currency, units are created in equal shares for all individuals (population size N) so as not to introduce inequality.

This monetary creation is called Universal Dividend (UD) and consist in a fixed proportion c of the total monetary mass M. Thus, equality between individuals is maintained over time.

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A response to obscure monetary rules

The rules of € money creation, in addition to mechanically increasing inequality, are complex and inaccessible. They are the privilege of a powerful minority.

By choosing the annual monetary growth once and for all, a free currency guarantees transparency and simplicity.

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The concept of libre money can be difficult to grasp at first, especially because of preconceived notions about the nature of money.

A good way to get familiar with the concept is to discuss it with others, for example on the Feel free to check out the frequently asked questions!