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How to get Ğ1

Get it

Whether you are an individual, an association, a company or a robot, you can obtain currency units of Ğ1. As of March 31, 2017, there are ** 15,370.00 Ğ1 ** outstanding.

To do this, it is simple: create a wallet Ğ1 then find someone ready to make an exchange. Yes but an exchange of what? Of units Ğ1 for the one who owns it, against a good or service for the one who wants it.

A really simple market place has been developed. Named Ğannonce, its first instance is hosted on duniter website. Another marketplace also exists, called ĞChange.


But if you are an individual not yet producing units Ğ1, know that you could produce them yourself.

This is indeed one of the fundamental characteristics of Ğ1: every human being can, subject to acceptance by his peers, produce his legitimate share of money.

We advise you first to try the test network and its currency ĞTest. There are no tutorials in english, so feel free to produce it !

Once sufficiently seasoned with ĞTest, you can then try to move to Ğ1. You can start by bringing you closer to people already members of Ğ1 and knowing you, their certifications being necessary to become a member. Most of the members are french and belgian right now, so this could require a bit of effort if you are not living in France or Belgium right now.

** /!\ Caution: Adhering to the currency Ğ1 implies the acceptance of its license, a copy of which you will find below. **

Read the Ğ1 license (text format)