cgeek Ğ1ĞTest 🇫🇷 2017-03-08

Ğ1: let's go!

The Ğ1 pre-registrations phase has ended. In fact, we have officially launched the blockchain: Ğ1 is now fully running!

The currency has been launched this day, March 8th 2017 at 15:32 UTC+0 and at this time there are:

You just need to use it! For now, only Cesium for Ğ1 is available. Sakia software will be as well, but only in few days.

First Ğ1 units

The very first units have been immediately produced by the 59 initial members, 10.00Ğ1 per member. Hence a total monetary mass of 590.00Ğ1. The following units will be produced the same way, through a daily Universal Dividend (at 11:00 UCT+0) with an amount of 10.00Ğ1.

Ğ1 is a libre currency, its Universal Dividend will be regularly and automatically reassessed (increasing in the case of Ğ1). The next reassessment will happen on March 21st 2017, those have been scheduled to happen on terrestrials equinoxes in order for them to be remembered easily.

Note: Ğ1 UD is created daily, based on an increase at every equinox (approximately March 21st and September 21st), for a growth rate target of c = 4,88% / equinox, according to (fr) the differential formulation of order 2 :
DU(t+1) = DU(t) + c² M/N / (182.625 days)

First exchanges

You can already start trading in free currency now: the 590.00Ğ1 that have been produced can move freely from one account to another with each transaction you will perform. We have already done 8 transactions successfully.

Come and join the Ğ1 Web Of Trust

If you believe you can join the Web Of Trust (you will need certifications for that) and you already know tools such as Cesium and Sakia, you can register now. Still, if the people who certify you have already certified other members in the past few days, their certifications may need up to 5 days to get accepted. To explain all this, we will soon publish new articles to explain how all this works in detail. Even if you are not a member, as soon as your account has been created, you can already receive some money and exchange it: you just need to receive some from someone who already has some (he may or may not be a member himself).

What happens to ĞTest?

The test currency is still running. Undiscovered bugs may appear on this one, so we keep it alive for now. But within a few days or weeks, we will start again a new test currency, in parallel of Ğ1 and running on the same software version.

Watch out: Duniter v1.0.0 and later versions are not compatible with ĞTest! Don't try to install one of them, your node won't work.