Technical  cgeek release 🇫🇷 2017-06-13

Duniter version 1.3

Duniter version 1.3 is now available for download!



The main characteristic of this new version is certainly the speed of the software to record new blocks: in version 1.2, the initial synchronization had become particularly long as the blockchain progressed. ARM nodes, often equipped with low-performance SD cards compared to conventional hard drives or SSDs, were particularly slow to process new blocks.

From now on, the reception of new blocks and the initial synchronization are up to 200 times faster than before!

As an indication, the initial synchronization takes less than 15 minutes to synchronize 26,000 blocks on a Raspberry PI 3. It could take [more than 2 days in version 1.2]( livebox/2169/30).

The arrival of modules!

It was a feature announced during the RML9 at Le Havre: Duniter 1.3 would connect modules on its own node!

As an example, it is now possible to add the duniter-currency-monit plugin to its local node:

A documentation of the modules is available on the Wiki.

Cesium is no longer delivered by default

The Cesium client was historically delivered with Duniter. With the arrival of modules, this choice to install Cesium is left to everyone. The address of the Cesium module is:


White check mark No need to resynchronize.


White check mark Compatible with Ğ1.

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